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Free Joomla Collapsible Menu Template

Tutorial: How To Build 100% CSS Dynamic Menu Nav in Seconds for Free!

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Parameters tab you can change the font and colors used in the menu. The alphabets available for the menu are those commonly used on the web, to ensure compatibility and stability of the layout. The change of colors can be made through the HEX code of the desired color, or selecting it with the mouse on a table of colors. The colors listed in the left column are on the menu in the normal state, and the right refer to the menu items under the mouse pointer. From bottom to top, the selection of colors to the text, and the bottom edge. Js Nav Fly Out Menu Creator To edit the information contained in this item, the panel Item Parameters (parameters of item) in the bottom of the screen is used. There you can determine the text that will be displayed in the menu, the Internet address to which the item points out, a tip (hint) the link, and whether it should be open in the same tab or not.

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